To Check Your Number Registration Status: Go to your Phone Numbers in the Twilio Console, then Manage > Active Numbers. For additional guidance, visit our Troubleshooting article.

How do I purchase blocks of consecutive numbers?

Sometimes you may need to get numbers with similar patterns (such as xxx-xxx-0001, xxx-xxx-0002, etc). You can use the Twilio Console or the API to search for consecutive numbers:

  • Use the Buy A Number page in the console to find numbers in the area code that you're looking for, then based on the return result, narrow down your search to look specifically for numbers in a prefix of that area code where we have multiple numbers available. You can use the characters such as * or % to help with the search. To learn more about how to search for a number in the console, check out How to search for phone numbers.
  • Take advantage of the "AreaCode" and "Contains" parameters in the Available Phone Numbers List resource to help you find consecutive numbers.

If you need more than 100 consecutive numbers and cannot find that many in our system, please contact our sales team for further assistance.

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