Purchasing Twilio phone numbers that are local to customers

People usually assume that making a call to a number with the same area code is considered a local call. This is not true. In telephony, the definition of a local call is one that’s within its local calling area. In reality, there is no clear way to tell whether two numbers are within the same local calling area or not.

To purchase a Twilio phone number that’s most likely within the same local calling area as your customers, we recommend the following:

  • When purchasing a number from Twilio, try looking for a phone number with not only the same area code but also the same prefix (the three digits after the area code). Then confirm that the geographic information listed under the phone number of your choice matches your desired local area.
  • Use either our API Explorer or REST API to search for available Twilio phone numbers with the same rate center as your local area. Phone numbers belonging to the same rate center often have the same local calling area. The “InRateCenter” is an optional parameter in the API that can be used for this purpose. When using this parameter, please keep in mind that you must also set the “InLata” parameter. You can also incorporate other geographic parameters (such as NearLatLong, NearNumber, InPostalCode, InRegion, and Distance) to help refine your search.

As we work hard to keep a wide variety of phone numbers in stock at all times, we cannot guarantee the phone numbers of your preference is in our inventory. If owning a local phone number is crucial to your business and numbers in your local calling area are not available, consider porting your own local number into Twilio for free.

If it’s mission critical that your customers never have to pay for a long-distance call and porting is not a possibility, use a toll-free number. Toll-free numbers cost $2 per month ($0.03 per incoming minute, $0.02 outgoing) and are accessible by users both in the US and Canada.

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