Applying to migrate your US short code to Twilio

Migrating your US short code from your current provider over to Twilio can take the standard provisioning time of 8 to 12 weeks. We begin counting this time starting with receipt of your initial payment, and consider this completed when your short code is re-approved by all wireless carriers.

Notice: Please note that the migration process can vary considerably, as it depends on each mobile carrier reviewing your short codes use case and campaign message flow. If you want to migrate a “live” code to Twilio, you will have to manage traffic to and from both Twilio and your current provider for a period of time — likely for two to six weeks. Each wireless carrier will migrate from your current provider to Twilio on different dates. To ensure that you're ready for this migration, please be sure that you have read and understand our article Configuring Short Code Messaging Applications During a Live Migration to Twilio.

If you would like to migrate your short code to Twilio please submit a completed Twilio short code application to get the process started.

If you would like to transfer your short code lease to Twilio please have your current short code provider use the Lease Transfer feature on to transfer the code into Twilio's account using our Account ID. Please get in touch with your account manager to get the ID. Here is a video showing the process:

If you are controlling your own lease, Twilio requires that you attach the following documents:

  • Lease Receipt: Your most current iConectiv short code payment lease receipt.
  • Migration Letter: you’ll receive this from Twilio after you have completed step one. This will be a template for you to fill out and send back to Twilio via the Short Code application.

Once you have filled out a Twilio short code application and submitted it to Twilio, your Account Manager and a member of the short code team will be in touch with further steps.

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