Configuring short code messaging applications during a live migration to Twilio

When you migrate your short code from your “old” provider to Twilio, you will need to take special precautions to ensure that you are able to receive and send messages during the migration process. Unfortunately, each of the wireless carriers will migrate your traffic from your current provider to Twilio at different times. Consequently, you will need to ensure that your short code application can manage this transition period by having redundant paths.

More specifically, we recommend the following configuration before the migration process begins:

  • Your receiving system—the application that processes inbound messages from Twilio and the previous short code provider—must be configured to receive messages from both short code providers for the period of the migration.
  • Your application should be configured to send the message first through Twilio and then, if you either receive an UNDELIVERED status or do not receive a DELIVERED status from Twilio, then your application should send that message through your old provider.

Once all carriers have migrated their traffic to Twilio, the Twilio Short Code Operations Team will notify you, at which point you may discontinue service with your old provider and turn off the redundant configurations. In other words, once the migration has completed, you will be able to send and receive all your short code traffic through.

If your short code migration configuration cannot be set up in this way, please contact us at or contact your Account Manager to discuss how your short code should be configured. We want to ensure that your migration goes smoothly, without deliverability issues.

For further details on how to migrate your short code to Twilio, please see here.

If you would like Twilio to manage your short code lease with Neustar/CSCA, please review our short code lease transfer instructions.

Please email us at with any questions!

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