International SMS Messaging Geographic Permissions (Geo Permissions) and How They Work

Want to learn more about managing International SMS Dialing Permissions on your Twilio project? Need to send outbound messages outside of your country, and want to select the regions and countries you’ll allow? This guide will help you with this as well as answer common questions about Geo Permissions.

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What is International SMS Messaging Permissions?

Twilio provides our users with the ability to send outbound SMS messages globally. Your project is set up to only allow access to your home country, which is determined by the phone number you verified during signup. If you’d like to enable new countries to send SMS to, please modify your permissions from the Messaging Geographic Permissions page in Console.

How does International SMS messaging work?

Since no special request form is required to send global messaging, we recommend you visit our Messaging Geographic Permissions page in Console to preview the list of countries in which your project allows messaging content to and from. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the countries your project supports in order to better protect yourself from unwanted messaging. Click on the link below to view a list of countries your project can send messaging to and from.

Send text messages to anywhere in the world

Can I manage different international SMS permissions for individual subaccounts?

Yes. By default, your subaccount will inherit the permissions of your master account. You can always disable inheritance so that your subaccount has its own permissions, but when enabling be sure to only enable countries to which you plan to send messages.

For more information on subaccount inheritance, please see Do Subaccounts Support International Calls and SMS Messaging.

Why am I receiving Error 21408 when trying to send SMS to certain recipients or regions?

The error definition can be found here: Error 21408

This error occurs when you are trying to send SMS to a region that has not been enabled in your account's Messaging Geo-Permissions settings. We commonly see this error when sending to U.S. or Canada as U.S. and Canada require both U.S and CA +1 regions enabled in order to send to +1 country code successfully.

What do I do if I notice irregular activity in my project?

If you notice any irregular activity on your project immediately contact, as well as your account manager. Twilio takes the financial security of our users very seriously, but it is still the responsibility of the project owner to reach out to us immediately.

Once an incident is reported, we can suspend all activity on a project or subaccount, or block a certain prefix while an investigation ensues. It is better to be safe and temporarily out of service, than risk high charges and abusive activity.

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