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International Voice Dialing Geographic Permissions (Geo Permissions) and How They Work

International Voice Dialing Geographic Permissions, also known as Geo Permissions, control which countries and subsets of phone numbers you can dial out to from your Twilio project. Need to make outbound calls outside of the U.S, and want to select the regions and countries you’ll allow to protect your project from high-cost routes and potential fraud? Here's how to get started.

For full details, please see our documentation for how to Protect your Account with Voice Dialing Geographic Permissions.

How does the International Voice Dialing Permissions feature work?

Twilio has segmented phone numbers for each of the countries we can reach into two buckets: One group of numbers with low fraud risk, and another group that has higher risk for fraud. Customers have access to the low risk number ranges right out of the box, they only need to enable calls to the country in the Console Voice Geographic Permissions page. High risk number ranges are enabled in the same way, but require upgraded accounts to access.

How can I tell if my calls are being blocked by Geo Permissions?

Outbound calls that are blocked by Geo Permissions will be flagged by one of the following notifications:

  • 21215
  • 32205
  • 13227

We recommend you monitor the Console Debugger, or configure Alert Triggers for these errors, to stay on top of your project's calling needs.

What do I do if I notice irregular activity in my project?

If you notice any irregular activity on your account, please reach out to our Support team immediately, as well as your Twilio account manager. Twilio takes the financial security of our users seriously, but it is still the responsibility of the project owner to reach out to us immediately.

Once an incident is reported, we can suspend all activity on a project or subaccount, or block a certain prefix while an investigation ensues. It is better to be safe and temporarily out of service, than risk high charges and abusive activity.


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