How do I port my phone numbers away from Twilio?

To port your numbers away from Twilio, you will need to contact the carrier to which you’d like to port your numbers (e.g., Verizon, AT&T). Most carriers require you to fill out a Letter of Authorization, or LOA. Please note that portability rules vary by country, and not all countries provide for portability. Nevertheless, in countries where porting is available, the process generally works as described here.

Typically, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name: The end user’s full name

  • Account SID: The last 8 characters (letters and numbers) of your Twilio Account SID.  Please note that some carriers do not allow you to enter both letters and numbers.  In these cases, please use the last 8 numbers of in your Account SID, excluding any letters.

  • Service address: For phone numbers that you purchased from Twilio, the service address will generally be Twilio's service address. Please contact to request Twilio's service address. Be sure to include your Account SID and the phone numbers that you wish to port. If you originally ported the numbers to Twilio, the service address is likely to be the same address that you included on your original LOA to port the numbers to Twilio.

  • If your new carrier requires a “business telephone number” (BTN) this can be any number from the list of numbers you wish to port.

There is no PIN number associated with your account. If the carrier requires a billing document or proof of ownership, you can take a screenshot of the “Numbers” section in your account where the relevant phone number appears.

If your port-away request is rejected, please contact us at and let us know what number(s) you are trying to port and your Account SID. In addition, let us know the specific reason provided to you by your new carrier for why the port was rejected. In particular, please note that, if your port request is rejected because of an address mismatch, it is likely that you originally ported the phone number to Twilio. In these cases, instead of using Twilio’s invoicing address, use the service address originally associated with the phone number prior to porting to Twilio.

Once Twilio receives the port away notification, we will email you to confirm your request. If you have multiple users on your account please follow the link below to select the user you would like to receive notifications. That user must have either the admin or billing account settings selected.  See the FAQ Adding users to your Twilio account.

Note that, to protect our customers from unwanted port-aways, if the information that you provide does not match our records, then the port request will be rejected.

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