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Transferring a short code lease into Twilio's iConectiv/CSCA account

IMPORTANT: Twilio's Short Code Operations team will inform you when it is time to complete these steps. If you attempt to transfer your lease to Twilio prior to approval from our Short Code Team it could result in delays or errors in provisioning.


All US short codes are leased through the CSCA at ( Transferring your short code lease into Twilio’s iconectiv/CSCA account will allow Twilio to manage your short code lease on your behalf. If you would like Twilio to manage your short code lease, please have your current leaseholder transfer the code through the CSCA website into Twilio's account.

Notice: If you would like to transfer your short code lease away from Twilio, follow the instructions here.

Transfer a Short Code via the CSCA Website

This video details the process of transferring a short code through the CSCA. Contact your Account Manager to obtain Twilio's CSCA Account ID.

Transfer a Short Code Manually

If for some reason you are unable to use this feature, please send the following documents to and we can transfer your code using the old method:

  1. Your most recent iConectiv short code payment lease receipt:
  2. A lease transfer letter on the short code owners company letterhead, signed and dated.
    Note: You can find the owner of the short code lease located on the left hand side of the short code lease receipt under Customer.

Once you have submitted the above info, we will provide you with the lease transfer letter template to be filled out.

Please note that, as the gaining applicant, Twilio will also submit a letter to iConectiv/CSCA to the same effect.

Once your lease transfer is complete, Twilio will align your short code billing date two weeks prior to the lease renewal date.  This provides you with additional time for all future lease renewals, in case you decide to alter your usage.  It also gives us time to prevent potential renewal issues from disrupting your ongoing short code usage.  Your project will be credited for any overlapping period for which you have already paid, and Twilio will automatically manage your short code lease payments going forward. As a result, all short code fees will be assessed only once per billing cycle.

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