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Transferring a short code lease away from Twilio

When we lease a short code on your behalf, or take over management of your lease for you, we will always honor your wish to transfer the short code lease away to your own account or that of a different provider. Please send an email to with the necessary information:

1. Account SID: [This is found on your Dashboard > Project Info], as shown below:


2. Your short code number

3. Name of the Gaining or Receiving Party of your short code

4. Account ID of gaining party.

Twilio will then provide you with the necessary documentation to submit to iConectiv/CSCA at

Important Note on Connectivity Transfers

 Once your short code lease has transferred away from Twilio we will keep the short code activated and connected to your Twilio console until you confirm that the code has fully migrated to your new provider.

However, Twilio does not have the direct ability to confirm whether a code has completely migrated off our platform, and so we rely fully on notifications from you, our customer. For this reason it is imperative that you not fully cancel your short code early, otherwise your service may be interrupted.

You will continue to be billed at the Customer Leased Short Code rate while your short code is in the process of migrating away, though most migrations complete well before the this renewal date would take effect.

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