Not Receiving Incoming SMS and MMS Messages on Twilio Phone Number

Inbound SMS and MMS messages not hitting your Twilio number as expected? Here are some troubleshooting steps to check:

Do you have an SMS-enabled Twilio number with a valid configuration?

  1. Log into your Twilio project at
  2. Click Phone Numbers Icon_Numbers.png.
  3. Check that your Twilio number has the SMS icon listed under "Capabilities". If your Twilio phone number does not have SMS capabilities, you will need to buy an SMS capable phone number to receive incoming SMS messages.
  4. Click your number, and verify that you have a valid configuration for receiving messages.

Are you expecting to receive SMS from an international number?

Some international carriers are unable to successfully pass off SMS into Twilio’s network. Because of this, Twilio cannot ensure that these messages will be received. If sending domestic SMS to Twilio works fine, we recommend contacting the international sending carrier for more information.

For example, if you can successfully receive messages on your US-based Twilio phone number from a US-based Verizon device, but not a UK-based Vodafone device, have the sending party escalate to Vodafone.

Are you roaming off your network?

Twilio cannot guarantee the deliverability of SMS from wireless phones that are roaming. If an SMS message is sent to Twilio from a phone number roaming in an area outside of where it normally operates, the message may not arrive.

Twilio does not have the ability to determine whether or not the phone number you are sending SMS from is roaming at the time. In this scenario, we recommend having the sending party escalate to their wireless provider.

Are you expecting to receive SMS from a short code?

Services like Google Voice, Facebook, and Skype, which use short codes (e.g. 55555) to send SMS will not be able to send messages to Twilio phone numbers. This is because short code carriers have arrangements to exchange messages with mobile phone numbers only, and Twilio phone numbers are not considered mobile numbers. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee delivery from these incoming messages.

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