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Authy Billing Deprecation and Migration

We are merging Authy's legacy billing system into Twilio. This means that we are removing the Authy-specific billing system in the Authy Dashboard, and it will no longer be available. Going forward, Authy development customers using the Authy API will need to pay for their service via a Twilio account.

All Authy development customers will need to migrate their Authy service to a Twilio account by November 30, 2020. Authy accounts that are not migrated by this date will be suspended. All affected customers should have already received an email notification from Twilio.

Prerequisite: An active Twilio account

In order to migrate your Authy billing, you will need an active Twilio account. If you don't already have one, you can sign up for a Twilio account at

IMPORTANT: New Twilio accounts are automatically created as a free trial, with a small balance for testing. If you predict that your usage of Authy will exceed the limits of the free Starter tier, we recommend upgrading your Twilio account, and enable auto recharge ($20 minimum initial funding). This will help to ensure that your mission critical 2FA application is always accessible to all users.
You also need to enable 2FA in the Twilio Console in order to manage Authy settings from your Twilio account.

Pricing changes

Once Authy development customers migrate to Twilio billing, they will automatically see our new pricing. Some of the highlights include the following:

  • A free tier for customers with less than 100 authentications.
  • Reduced costs by eliminating monthly user charges
  • Reduced telecom costs by moving to Twilio SMS and Voice pricing, providing destination country-specific charges that are as low as $0.0075 for US SMS.

For full details, see the Authy pricing site. For questions about volume discounts, please contact our Sales team.

Migration process

  1. Navigate to the Authy Dashboard sign-in page:
  2. Enter your existing Authy Dashboard login credentials under Are you an existing Authy user, and then click Sign In. Be sure to use the email address here that received your Twilio migration email.
    Note: Do not click Sign in with Twilio, as this will create a brand-new Authy Dashboard account, instead of connecting to your existing Authy Dashboard account.
  3. Enter your Authy 2FA token from the Authy app, and then click Sign in.
  4. Click Connect My Authy Account.
  5. Log in to the Twilio account that you want to connect to your Authy Dashboard account for billing purposes.
    Note: If you have access to multiple Twilio accounts under your user login, you’ll be asked to choose one for the Authy billing migration. Please pick carefully, as it is difficult to change the connection afterwards.
  6. Once complete, you’ll see a banner confirming that you’ve successfully connected your Twilio account with your Authy Dashboard account.

Users that have successfully migrated their Authy account to Twilio billing will be able to see the following:

  • You can see the connected Twilio Account SID in the Authy Dashboard under Users > Settings.
  • You can see your Authy usage being billed in the Twilio Console.
  • You can manage Authy product settings in the Twilio Console going forward, along with any other Twilio products that you use.
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