Recommendations and Best Practices for Maintaining a Positive Caller Reputation

With spam calling on the rise, network owners are increasing their call screening and spam blocking efforts. This can make it difficult for your valid business calls reach customers. To help improve your connection rates, Twilio has compiled this list of recommendations and best practices to maintain a positive caller reputation, and avoid being blocked as spam.

Pay attention to who you’re calling

  • Comply with all "Do Not Call" lists, and other Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requirements.
  • Keep your calling list(s) manicured, and sunset numbers that don’t connect. Unreasonable answer and completion rates are often associated with spam, so you don’t want to be calling unassigned or disconnected numbers regularly, and no random “wardialing”.
  • Provide callees with a clear identification of who is calling, along with easy to understand directions for opting-out of future calls.
  • Provide a number and/or contact information that called parties can use to report alleged violations.
  • Avoid making only "neighbor" calls. This method of mirroring the first few digits of the destination phone number in the from number is often used by spam callers. As such, network operator call screening algorithms are aggressively monitoring for this behavior. Businesses should be careful when intentionally using "neighbor numbers" numbers in their calling behavior.

Be consistent in your phone number usage

  • Avoid using the same telephone number for multiple purposes (i.e. marketing, surveys, and support callbacks). To help reduce the likelihood of your calls being categorized as spam, we recommend aligning the context and content of your calls over a specific phone number throughout the life of your campaign.
  • Phone numbers that have been reassigned for other purposes should go through a 45-day waiting period before being reintroduced in a new campaign.

Be consistent in your outbound call volume

  • We recommend users attempt to maintain a regular traffic volume, without unusual spiking.
  • When starting a new campaign, it’s best to gradually ramp-up your volume incrementally, instead of going full speed on day 1.
  • Calls for legitimate business purposes should never be too frequently, or at odd hours.
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