Is it Possible to Customize the Verification Message for Verify?

Yes, users can select from a number of pre-defined and approved Verify Templates. This feature, currently in beta testing, allows you pick what message to send for SMS or Voice verifications to your users.

To get started, you can take a look at our public templates to confirm if one of them works for your use case. You can also list available templates with this request:

curl -X GET "" \

Once you have the Template SID you want to use, you can update your Service to use the template as default:

curl-X POST \
    --data-urlencode "DefaultTemplateSid=HJXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"\

Alternatively, you can pass the Template SID every time you create a new verification:

curl-X POST \
    --data-urlencode "To=+15017122661"\--data-urlencode "Channel=sms"\

For more information on how to implement this feature, please refer to our documentation.

If one of our public templates does not work for your use case, you can request a private template. Make sure to check the following when creating your body message:

  • You must include the code variable
{{code}} The 4-10 digit one-time passcode.
  • Optionally, you might include the following variables:
{{friendly_name}} The friendly name of your Verification Service.
{{ttl}} The expiration time of the one-time passcode in minutes.
  • Check the message body you want in the segment calculator. Ideally, your template should have just 1 segment (be aware that you're charged per segment), but it's fine to have a longer SMS as long as you agree with the charges. To learn more, check: What The Heck Is A Segment? 

To request the private template registration, contact our Twilio Support Team.

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