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Why Was My Toll-Free Verification Rejected?

If your Toll-Free verification request fails for eligible reasons, you can correct and resubmit your request. For a full list of eligible rejection reasons see below.

If eligible, you can resubmit your Toll Free verification after correcting the identified content violation either via the Console or API.

Notice: As of April 16, 2024, new rejection error codes have been introduced to help aid you in navigating your Toll-Free Rejections with more granularity.

As of July 11, 2023, users are able to submit Toll-Free Verification requests via the Messaging Compliance API or in Console, which supports editing your Toll-Free verification request and resubmitting to Twilio. For more information on the Toll-Free Verification process please see Toll-Free Verification in the US and Canada.

Your verification submission has been resolved, but it was rejected. If your verification is eligible for resubmission, you can edit your submission and resubmit it to Twilio for review. It's best to edit and resubmit within 7 days. When no edit is received within 7 days, the submissions will expire. An expired submission will be reviewed, but is no longer prioritized, so time to process is similar to a new submission. Continue on to find the category your rejection falls under and take the necessary action.

Table of contents

Rejection types eligible for resubmission

Each of the below rejection codes are eligible for resubmission. To resolve these issues, please take the corrective action(s) outlined in the linked error code(s) from table below, and then re-submit your Toll-Free Verification request with the updated information.

Error Code Rejection Category/Reason Resubmittable?
30437 Edit time expired Yes
30445 Could not validate business information Yes
30446 Opt-in not sufficient - express consent required Yes
30447 Phone Number Error Yes
30448 Age Gate Yes
30449 Sample message URL issues in sample message Yes
30451 Address Invalid Yes
30452 Email Invalid Yes
30471 High Risk - Non-secured URL in sample message Yes
30472 Could not verify Business Yes
30473 Cannot validate business website URL Yes
30474 ISV contact info provided, need end business info instead Yes
30475 Opt-in not sufficient: Cannot combine consent for messaging with requirement for service Yes
30476 Opt-in not provided Yes
30477 Opt-in not sufficient: Third party information sharing not allowed Yes
30478 Single phone number used for multiple businesses Yes
30479 Justification needed for more than five Toll-Free phone numbers per business Yes

Rejection types ineligible for resubmission

Each of the below rejection errors are due to forbidden messaging categories, and are therefore ineligible for resubmission. Please note that in addition to Toll-Free Messaging content restrictions, any use cases that violate Twilio's Acceptable Use Policy or Messaging Policy are also not allowed on Twilio's platform, regardless of number/sender type or destination country.

Notice: Users who disagree with their rejection can Contact Support to request an appeal. In your request, please include the original ticket number (if applicable), the details of your appeal, and the subject line "Toll-Free Verification Rejection Appeal for (your business name or number)".

Also, we now provide a "Delete" option in the Twilio Console and API for situations where you may have experienced a rejection in one of the categories below, but fully understand the reason for rejection and simply need to submit a new request. In such instances, you'd need to delete the rejected verification record on your Twilio account before you'll see the option to submit a new one. You can find more details on when or when not to use the delete option here.

Error Code Rejection Category/Reason Resubmittable?
30440 Unknown Error No
30441 Disallowed - SHAFT - Sex No
30442 Disallowed - Spam No
30443 Disallowed - Loan marketing No
30444 Disallowed - Fraud No
30455 Disallowed: SHAFT - Hate No
30456 Disallowed - SHAFT - Alcohol No
30457 Disallowed - SHAFT - Firearms No
30458 Disallowed - SHAFT - Tobacco/Vape No
30459 Disallowed - SHAFT - Cannabis/CBD No
30460 Disallowed - Third party Debt Collection No
30461 Disallowed - Gambling No
30462 Disallowed - Sweepstakes No
30463 Disallowed - Stock Alerts No
30464 Disallowed - Cryptocurrency No
30465 Disallowed - Risk Investment/Get Rich Quick Schemes No
30466 Disallowed - Debt reduction No
30467 Disallowed - Credit Repair No
30468 Disallowed - Third party lead generation No
30469 Disallowed - Illegal Substances/articles No
30470 High risk - Third-party lead generation services and marketing: Deceptive marketing No
30480 Disallowed - Phishing No

What happens to my verification if my Toll-Free number is rejected?

If your Toll-Free number is rejected for one of the reasons listed in the Rejection types eligible for resubmission table above, you will have up to 7 days to provide an amended submission with the information / changes requested, which allows you to keep your spot in line. After 7 days, if your Toll-Free number submission is not amended it will expire and you will lose your spot in line. You can still edit and resubmit an expired submission, but will no longer be prioritized, so the time to process is similar to a new submission..

If your Toll-Free number is rejected and is listed in the Rejection types ineligible for resubmission table above, your Toll-Free number will not be able to send messages and your traffic will be blocked with a 30032 error.

My verification request was rejected, and is ineligible for resubmission - What can I do?

If your Toll-Free Verification request was rejected and is ineligible, you may be able to use another Twilio product to reach your recipients.

The Twilio Sendgrid Email API is an option for many of the above use cases. For example, cannabis- or CBD-related messaging may be conducted via email, as long as you have proper age gating in place and are sending toward recipients in a locale where the substance is legal. In addition, the Twilio Programmable Voice product is not subject to the same carrier restrictions as SMS.

For more information about cannabis-related messaging alternatives, see Can I send cannabis or CBD-related messaging traffic on Twilio.

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