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FAQ: Twilio Organizations

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Can I create an organization with a common domain like gmail or hotmail? 

Yes. However, you cannot invite users from these domains. 

Can I invite a user with a common domain like gmail or hotmail? 

No, the domain needs to be verified before you can invite users from a given domain and the verification flow does not support common domains.

Can I verify the same domain under many organizations?

No, this is not allowed, however you can verify subdomains i.e. corporate.com under one Organization and stage.corporate.com under another Organization.

Should I add “www.” in front of my domain when setting up my domain verification?

No. When verifying your domain enter it as corporate.com

How do I add a TXT record to my DNS?

The TXT record is added or modified trough the Domain Host DNS settings page. You will need to have access to the Host to make these changes. Below are FAQs for the process on how to change the TXT record with commonly used domain hosts.

The customer can verify what their domain host is on domain lookup website like https://www.whois.com/ and then use the relevant websites FAQ to process the change. 

What are the Organizations-level roles?

Information on Organization Roles can be found here: Organization roles

Can a user be a member of more than 1 organization?

No - users can only be associated with one organization at a time. As a workaround, you can create a dedicated user for each organization they are a member of (i.e. example+testorg@corporate.com)

Can I be the Owner of an Organization and also the Owner of Independent Accounts using the same User ID (log in)?

No. At this time accounts owned by your User ID cannot be “independent” from the Organization that your User ID is the owner of. Any account you are the owner of will automatically be added to the Organization you are the owner of.

Can I bulk add Users to my Organization?

Yes, you can bulk add users to your Organization once the feature is enabled on your Organization. Please contact our Support Team to request access to this feature.

Are newly created accounts automatically added to the Organization?

Yes, new accounts created by managed users (Owner, Admin, Member - Standard User ) will automatically be added to to the Organization.

How can I close or delete my Organization?

At this time, you can’t close or delete your Organization from the Console. If you need to close or delete your Organization, please open a request to our Support Team to assist

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