Notice: Twilio Autopilot End of Life (August 2023)

Twilio's Autopilot product will officially shut down on August 25, 2023. After this date, Autopilot APIs will no longer function, and starting February 25, 2023, Customer Support will cease responding to new requests.

While we don’t have a single in-house replacement product available at this time, we have a number of recommended solutions below for different use cases. For continuity of service, all Autopilot users must migrate their integrations prior to the August 25, 2023 end of service date.

Why is this happening?

The Autopilot End of Life (EOL) allows Twilio to accelerate other AI integrations. We’re excited to share more news about the next generation of Twilio AI in the coming months.

What do you need to do?

Autopilot users will need to find an alternate solution, migrate integrations, and remove Autopilot integrations by August 25, 2023 to avoid downtime.

We don't have a single replacement product for Autopilot, but recommend the following options based on your needs:

  • Transcriptions: Check out Twilio Intelligence for Voice (Beta). This product unites transcription, AI-powered language operators, and automations into a single programmable tool. Learn more about it in our 2021 SIGNAL session, and sign up for the private beta.
  • Conversational AI on Voice: Check out the Google Cloud Dialogflow CX Connector for Twilio Voice. This Twilio-native integration lets you build fully-featured Conversational AI solutions for Voice on Dialogflow CX. The solution leverages Twilio Media Streams and provides extensive programmability via TwiML and a native Studio Widget that allows for native Live Agent Handoff to Twilio Flex. Learn more about it in our VirtualAgent with Google Dialogflow CCAI CX doc, and sign up for the private beta.
  • Conversational AI on Digital Channels: We offer pre-built code to leverage Google Cloud Dialogflow ES/CX. We recommend following our detailed implementation instructions, which includes links to pre-built code samples on Github as well as a Solution Architecture diagram. Learn more about it in the Twilio blog post.
  • Google CCAI with a pre-built Flex plugin: Google Cloud Contact Center AI Connector via Sabio allows you to integrate Flex with Google CCAI and Dialogflow seamlessly. This connector provides improved intent detection, which will improve routing to the correct team and increase containment via self-service. If an interaction does get escalated to an agent, Agent Assist can help by providing suggestions in real-time during the interaction. Learn more about it on our Sabio CCAI Connector page.

If none of our proposed replacements for Autopilot are options for you, please reach out to your Twilio Account Executive to discuss additional alternatives. Alternatively, you can contact sales via our website.

What if you don’t take action?

Beginning February 25, 2023, Twilio will discontinue including Autopilot support in the new helper library releases. Additionally, our Customer Support team will no longer accept Autopilot questions.

On August 25, 2023, users will no longer be able to access the Autopilot APIs, Console experience, Studio Widget, or docs.

Additional Questions

If you have more questions, please contact the Twilio Support team.

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