How do I view my WhatsApp Sender’s quality and tier?

If you onboarded to WhatsApp through the Self Sign Up onboarding process, you can check your WhatsApp Sender's quality and tier yourself. This is only available through Self Sign Up and not to users who onboarded through Guided Onboarding. If you onboarded through Guided Onboarding, please open a Support ticket or contact your Account Executive to check your Sender's quality and tier.

To understand which onboarding process applies to you, please follow the guide here.

Check your Sender's quality and tier

  1. Go to
  2. If you have multiple WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABAs), then choose the one that is linked to your Twilio account.
    1. This can be found by going into the Twilio Console and navigating to Messaging -> Senders -> WhatsApp Senders. Your WABA ID is listed as the WhatsApp Business Account ID.
    2. Use your WABA ID to search and find the WABA that is linked to your Twilio Account.
  3. Navigate to the WhatsApp Manager by clicking on the Settings tab and then WhatsApp Manager at the bottom:
  4. Click on Phone Numbers in the left side menu of the WhatsApp Manager:
  5. You will see both the messaging tier and the quality level for all numbers in your WhatsApp business account:
  6. To view historical quality rating or messaging limits of a particular Sender, click the Settings button next to the phone number you want more information about. A 30-day history of the quality rating is shown. A full history of the messaging limits is shown by clicking View History in the top right of the page.


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