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Filter out Duplicate/Deleted Workers on Flex Insights.


After Agents/Workers are deleted from Task Router, these workers will still be present on Flex Insights and can appear as Duplicates when using Agent attribute.

Users can be able to apply a filter that would only display "Active" workers, filtering out Deleted/Duplicated Workers.

Filters can ONLY be applied to Dashboards, KPIs and Reports.

To apply the filter, follow below steps 



- Click on the gear icon on the top right to 'Edit' a Custom Dashboard where Agent filter is present.

- Select the Agent attribute dropdown filter

- Click on the first icon

- Click on "Available Values"

- Add the metric [Metric Filter] Active Agents and apply.





Filter out Duplicated Agents/Worker on KPI dashboards, can be achieved using the Attribute Agent State=Active.




Agent State attribute set as Active can also be used in Reports to filter out deleted Agents/Workers to only display Active Agents:




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