What is WhatsApp Self Sign-Up?

What is WhatsApp Self Sign-Up?

Twilio WhatsApp Self Sign-up, or "Embedded Sign-up", provides you with a faster way to get up and running with WhatsApp with certain restrictions until the Meta Business Manager account is verified by Meta. This process is self-service, and you can get started from the Twilio Console.

Can I use Self Sign-Up to sign-up for WhatsApp today?

Self Sign-Up is in beta and is available to most customers by request. To check if you’re eligible and request access please see the following request form here.

Can I use Self Sign-Up if I’m an ISV?

ISV’s are not currently supported on Self Sign-Up. ISV’s should follow the following process for registration detailed here. If you are an ISV that needs Self Sign-Up, please fill out the form indicating that you are an ISV and we will get back to you when that’s available. 

Once I have access, how does Self Sign-Up work?

For a full overview of the Self Sign-Up process, prerequisites, and limitations please see our product documentation on WhatsApp Self Sign-up with the Twilio Console.

Can I bring my own number?

Yes! Bring your own number is supported in Self Sign-Up.

How Do I Receive Verification Code on Voice-Only Number?

If you’re using a Twilio phone number that only has Voice capabilities, you may still register it as a WhatsApp sender, as long as you can receive the pin code sent by WhatsApp. You may do so by routing or transcribing any incoming calls as described in Step 1 of our Self Sign-Up documentation

I'm Not Receiving the SMS Verification Message

If you are not receiving the verification message, make sure that inbound SMS is enabled if using a Twilio Number. Alternatively, please try verifying the number using voice as described above. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to Twilio support for further troubleshooting. 

I’m having other issues with the Sign-Up process, what do I do? 

If you encounter issues during the sign-up process, please see our troubleshooting guide in Self Sign-Up documentation

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