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Error: "SendGrid Template does not contain required placeholders"

An Authy or Verify email integration missing placholders may return the error SendGrid template does not contain required placeholders. This guide explains why this error occurs, and how to resolve it.



This error message usually due to the SendGrid Dynamic template missing at least one of the following placeholders:

  • {{twilio_code}}
  • {{twilio_message}}
  • {{twilio_message_without_code}}


You can check the template and edit it if it does not have the proper placeholders: 

  1. Log into SendGrid UI.
  2. Go to the Dynamic Templates page on SendGrid.
  3. Under 'Template', click the desired template's name to see the versions available.
  4. Click the desired template version to edit it. 
  5. Under "HTML", verify your template has the necessary placeholders {{twilio_code}}, {{twilio_message}}, and {{twilio_message_without_code}}.
    • If any of these placeholders are missing, add them to the template, and then click Save
  6. Save the email integration configuration on the Twilio Console
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