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How to Submit a Japanese Phone Number Regulatory Bundle Application

This page provides guidance on how to create a new Regulatory Bundle for Japan.
Various documents are required to be uploaded together with a Japan Regulatory Bundle Application that must be printed and signed. We recommend that you prepare the necessary documents in advance of submitting them. Please see the Japan Regulatory Guidelines page for details. Finally, please read this guide and the application thoroughly before beginning.

Guidance for Completing the Japan Regulatory Bundle Application

An application must be completed and signed by the authorized representative. You can download the application here: (.pdf | .docx) Once completed, upload as a Supporting Document type: Completed Japan Regulatory Bundle Application per Step 7, below.

Please read the application all the way through before completing. In-line instructions are provided for your convenience. Follow the steps below to ensure completion and secure approval.

Part 1 of the application requires the name of the (Applicant) which is the company name as it appears on the corporate registration document. This company name must match the Business Name entered in Console (see Step 5, below).

  1. Part 1 of the application also requires you to name the authorized representative. The authorized representative is typically an employee of the Applicant company that has been officially named to represent it through a letter of authorization or power of attorney.
    • The authorized representative is named again in Part 5 of the application for the certifications and signature. The application must be signed by the authorized representative. The application should not be signed by an officer of the company unless the officer is named as the authorized representative in Part 1 of the application and in Console. A company seal is not required for the application, but is acceptable in place of the signature.
    • An officer of the company (aka Executive Manager) who appears in the corporate registration document *may* be named as the authorized representative, and in this case, requires no further Supporting Document (see Authorization of Representation in the guidelines) confirming their authority as appearance of their name in the corporate registration document is sufficient.
    • Whoever is named authorized representative should match the name submitted in Step 5 of the submission process in Console (see below), and match the identity in the Supporting Documents for Name of Authorized Representative (two photo IDs) in Step 6.2, below.
  2. The beneficial owner is declared by the authorized representative in the declarations made in Part 3 of the application. The beneficial owner is defined by law as a natural person with substantial control in the applying company (see the application for further definitions, instructions and examples). As such, the person’s date of birth and address are required. Failure to submit all information in Part 3 will result in the rejection of your submission. In certain cases, Twilio may request additional Supporting Documentation, but none is required for the beneficial owner on initial submission. We will let you know if further documentation for the beneficial owner is required.
    • When the beneficial owner is a public company, then personal information may be replaced by the public company name and address, and the date of birth would be left blank.
    • In certain cases, the authorized representative is the Executive Manager, and is also named as a beneficial owner.

How to apply for a Regulatory Bundle

  1. Log in to Console.
  2. Click Phone Numbers > Regulatory Compliance > Bundles, and then select Create a Regulatory Bundle on the screen.
  3. Select Japan as the target country, and then the type of phone number you want. Click Next to proceed.
    You cannot select both types in one Bundle. Please apply individually for each type.
    • National (National number: For numbers starting with 050)
    • Toll-Free (Incoming call billing number: For numbers starting with 0120 or 0800)
  4. On the screen below, only "Business" can be selected in Japan, so click Next to proceed. We don't provide Japanese numbers to “Individual” anymore.
  5. Click "Add business information" to proceed.
  6. Please ensure the “Business Name” is entered exactly as shown on the corporate registration document, and that the “First Name” and “Last Name” are entered exactly as shown on the Proof of the Authorized Representative before saving. Click Next to proceed.
  7. Upload the required Supporting Documents from "Add supporting document" section

    Follow these pointers while collecting Supporting Documents:
    • If the address shown on the corporate registration document is not current or is different from the Applicant’s physical premises, a tax payment certificate or utility bill receipt with the relevant address, issued within the last 6 months, is required. A mailer will be sent to the Applicant’s physical address for verification.
    • The corporate registration document should be issued within the last 6 months.
    • The Authorized Representative is required to provide two forms of photo ID. If one or both of the Authorized Representatives photo IDs do not show an address, or if the address is not current, you will need to submit two documents with the current address. You may provide either a certificate of tax payment or a utility bill, or both, as needed to complete two forms with current address, each issued within the last 6 months. A mailer will be sent to the Authorized Representative’s physical address for verification.
    • See the guidelines page for more information on other Supporting Documents.
  8. Select the type of document to upload from the TYPE OF SUPPORTING DOCUMENT drop-down menu, and then upload the file.

    Notice for Resellers: We do not currently have a specific option here to upload a TNUP. Please append a copy of your TNUP to the completed application, or upload as an additional Completed Japan Regulatory Bundle Application document. For more details, see Notice to Resellers (November 2022).

  9. A preview of the file contents and additional fields will be displayed on the screen. Enter the required fields according to the description on the document, and then click Save.
    Note: The fields displayed will vary, depending on the document to be uploaded.
  10. Confirm that the uploaded documents are displayed in the list as shown below. Repeat the same steps from the blue "+" icon and upload all the required documents.
    Note: If necessary, you can click the file name or edit or delete it from on the right side.
  11. A green checkmark will appear on the left side of each item on the screen for required documents that have been successfully uploaded.

    NOTE: Due to Console system limitations, we are aware that a green check mark may appear even when additional documents are required to fulfill the Required Information (e.g. supplemental documents to verify current address, or second photo ID).
    Example: Two forms of photo ID are required. After the first photo ID is uploaded, a green check mark will be displayed for the Information Required for the Authorized Representative. Don’t be mislead to thinking this criteria is fulfilled. The second photo ID must still be submitted.
    Warning: Any bundle failing to provide two valid forms of photo ID will be rejected)

  12. Confirm that all the required Supporting Documents were uploaded successfully, and then click Next to proceed.
  13. Confirm the name of the Bundle, and then click Next to continue. We recommend naming this something that is easy to recognize or differentiate from other bundles.

    Notice for Resellers: When completing a regulatory bundle for reselling, users must follow the required naming convention, and use the name "Reseller Bundle". For more details, see Notice to Resellers (November 2022).

  14. Specify the email address to receive the application progress of Bundle. By default, the email address of your account is specified. A StatusCallback URL can also be added if desired. 
  15. Once you have verified all your information and Supporting Documentation, click Submit, and then Agree to the Acknowledgement to complete the submission.
  16. After we review your submission, Twilio Japan GK will send a mailer to verify the addresses provided.
    Note: No action is needed to the mailer. The postal service will contact Twilio directly with delivery confirmation.


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