Comparison between Starter and Standard registration for A2P 10DLC

As an ISV-type customer, you currently have two options for registering your clients for A2P 10DLC: Starter or Standard. When registering each of your clients, you can choose which registration type is appropriate for that client. Many ISV customers will end up with a mix of Starter and Standard registrations for their clients.

Currently, Starter Brands and Starter Campaigns (use cases) are available for registration of clients of ISV-type customers only. Twilio plans to roll out this Starter functionality to smaller-volume direct Twilio accounts (such as developers and small businesses) in the future.

At this time, if you are a direct Twilio customer (not an ISV) and you meet all the criteria for Starter registration as described below, you do not need to take any action to complete A2P registration.

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Comparison table - Starter vs. Standard A2P 10DLC registration

  Starter registration Standard registration
Registration cost Free $44 one-time fee for Brand, monthly Campaign cost varies by use case - see here
Registration information required First/last name of client, contact phone number, email address Business information, incl. US EIN number or non-US business registration number
Number of Twilio phone numbers permitted Up to 5 Up to 50 by default, unlimited with valid business case
Number of SMS segments and MMS (total) per day Up to 3,000 to US, based on hard limit of 1,000 per day to T-Mobile Up to 200,000/day to T-Mobile, based on Trust Score - see here
Message per second (MPS) throughput toward US Up to 10.25 total (0.25 toward AT&T) - see here Up to 225 toward major US networks, based on Trust Score - see here

Starter Brand and Campaign - details

For smaller clients who send fewer than 3,000 SMS message segments and MMS a day to the United States, and use 5 or fewer Twilio long code phone numbers for that messaging. If a client meets both of these criteria, they qualify for Starter registration.

The 3,000 SMS segments and MMS per day threshold is based on a limit of 1,000 SMS segments and MMS per day to T-Mobile (incl. Sprint), and an assumption that T-Mobile/Sprint will be roughly one-third of your US message recipients. If you often send close to 3,000 SMS segments and MMS per day, you may wish to register for a Standard Brand to avoid hitting T-Mobile's daily limit.

Starter registration requires less customer data than Standard, and is free – there are no Brand and Campaign registration fees for Starter.

Starter registration offers reduced message throughput (MPS) compared to Standard registrations, at a fixed throughput level and with a single Campaign (use case). There are no Trust Scores for Starter Brands.

More information on Starter Brand registration can be found in our blog post on A2P 10DLC Starter Brands and in our ISV Starter A2P 10DLC Registration Overview.

Standard Brand and Campaign(s) - details

A Standard Brand is a "full" registration for any business who needs to send more than 3,000 SMS segments and MMS per day to the United States (or more than 1,000 per day to T-Mobile users).

Under a Standard Brand, you may register one or more use cases (Campaigns). Each Campaign will have separate throughput (MPS) based on the use case and the Brand's Trust Score. In addition, the Brand as a whole will have a certain daily message limit, also based on Trust Score.

Standard Brands entail a one-time Brand registration fee, with recurring Campaign registration fees depending on use case. See here for pricing details.

I send close to 3,000 SMS segments and MMS per day, which should I choose?

We have published a dedicated FAQ to help you decide.

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