A2P 10DLC Campaign Vetting Delays: Twilio cannot approve 10DLC Campaigns ourselves, and must rely on third parties who control our connections to carriers to sign off. These external processes are creating several week delays for our customers. We continue to escalate these issues and are working to reduce delays wherever possible. Further details will be shared in the Campaign Vetting Changes article as they become available.

Programmable Fax Migration Guide for FAX.PLUS

On December 17, 2021, Twilio will be sunsetting support for the Twilio Programmable Fax offering. For users with continuing fax needs, we have partnered with FAX.PLUS to help ease the burden of transitioning your workflows.

FAX.PLUS facilities fax transmission in multiple ways including but not limited to the following:

FAX.PLUS now also offers a straightforward migration process for Twilio customers to help you transit your workflows securely. For more information on FAX.PLUS pricing, the migration flow, and how to port your numbers, please visit this page:


Once you fill the migration request form, a FAX.PLUS representative will contact you with the next steps and a personalized demonstration. Please collect the following information, and have it ready to discuss with FAX.PLUS:

  • How many fax numbers will you need?
  • How many pages do you expect to send and receive monthly?
  • Will you be porting existing numbers or would you like new fax numbers?
    • FAX.PLUS offers number porting free of charge, and the duration of number porting depends on how fast the losing carrier processes the request and verifies the LOA and other required documents.
  • Will you need to sign BAA?
    • To ensure full HIPAA compliance, FAX.PLUS offers to sign Business Associated Agreement (BAA) and offers Advanced Security Controls for further security. 
  • Where do you wish to reside your data?
    • FAX.PLUS allows you to specify where to reside data to meet and exceed your local data residency requirements. There are over 20 regions to choose from which include the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, and many more. You can reside your faxes along with their backups in the same datacenter or different datacenters. Regardless of the datacenter location all faxes and their backups will be stored fully encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Learn more about FAX.PLUS data residency feature: https://www.fax.plus/data-residency
  • Do you wish to enable SSO?
    • Single Sign On (SSO) mitigates compliance and security risks for organizations and simplifies the login process with more control over user authentication. Learn more about FAX.PLUS security and compliance features: https://www.fax.plus/service-security/

For additional information, please contact support@fax.plus, or visit FAX.PLUS website at https://www.fax.plus.

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