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Japanese Phone Number Regulatory Changes

As of August 2, 2021, all Twilio customers who own or plan to purchase Japanese phone numbers will need to submit a new Regulatory Bundle with updated information. This guide explains the new regulatory changes in detail, and what customers need to do.

New Japanese regulatory bundle requirements

  • Completed and Signed Application: to be completed by the Applicant’s Authorized Representative.
  • Business Purpose: The intended use case for the phone number that will be assigned to the new regulatory bundle.
  • Declaration of Beneficial Ownership: A declaration signed by the Authorized Representative naming the controlling interests in applying business.
  • Current Addresses: Proof of current addresses associated with the bundle (business address and Authorized Representative’s address), both verified by physical mailers. If one or both addresses have already been verified, an additional mailer is not required.

For the full list of requirements, see our Japan: Regulatory Guidelines page.

Notice: Twilio no longer offers bundles to “individuals” to purchase Japanese National or Toll-Free Phone Numbers.

Customer vetting process

All customers are now required to submit a regulatory bundle before Japanese phone numbers can be purchased. Once all required documents are submitted, the bundle will be reviewed and verified. As required by law, our team will then send mailers with tracking information to confirm the addresses associated with your bundle. Your regulatory bundle status will remain in-review until we have confirmed delivery of the mailers. Only at that time will the regulatory bundle be approved, giving you the ability to purchase National and Toll Free Phone Numbers in Japan.

Please note: Existing customers with National or Toll-Free Japanese Phone Numbers will also need to submit a new updated Regulatory Bundle via this process to remaining in good standing. Existing customers have until 31 January 2022 to submit updated bundles, or their Japanese numbers will be reclaimed.

Why is this changing now?

The type of communication services we provide to our customers in Japan requires us to undertake stringent verification of the identity and address of our customers. Twilio, as well as other companies providing the same type of service in Japan are required to comply with all Japanese laws and regulations.

What if I don't update the regulatory bundle on time?

If an existing Japanese phone number customer does not update their bundle before the 31 January 2022 deadline, their Japanese phone numbers will be reclaimed.

Customers who are unable to verify the mailer will be contacted by our Operations team. If we are unable to verify the mailer, the Japanese phone numbers will be reclaimed.

What if I never receive a mailer?

Mailers will be sent via tracked mail, so all mailers will be trackable. In the event a mailer is lost, the tracking information will be used for resending a new mailer.

Are other Japanese phone numbers available that do not have these requirements?

No, only National and Toll-Free Phone Numbers are available at this time.

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