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New Console migration and deprecation of legacy Console

What is happening?

The legacy console at  is being replaced by a new console at

What are the main changes in the new Console?

At the highest level, we have reorganized Console into two main tabs Develop and Monitor in the left nav panel. Develop is where you “pin” any product you want to use. For a complete list of changes and overview of the new Console, see our blogpost.

Why did you make these changes?

On the surface, the new Twilio Console experience is primarily focused on reorganizing the navigation and removing duplicate pages. Under the hood, we have created a new architecture to speed up our development time and improve performance and reliability for all of you.

What other changes are planned?

What we are releasing today is the extent of changes planned for this release. That being said, we are going to continue to improve the Console month over month through smaller incremental changes. We look forward to your feedback to help us focus on the areas of largest impact.

Can I return to the legacy console?

You will be able to return to the legacy console until August 28, 2021. After that date, the legacy console will no longer be available for use and all accounts will be automatically migrated to the new Console.

Where are my logs and insights in the new Console?

Logs and insights pages are shown under the “Monitor” tab for products with usage and products that are pinned under the “Develop” tab.


Where is the debugger in the new Console?

The debugger has been renamed to “Error Logs” and can be found in the Monitor tab, where all other logs can be found.


How do I add products to the navigation bar in the new Console?

We call it “pinning”. To pin/unpin a product in your Develop sidebar, access the Explore Products page, a link at the bottom of the Develop sidebar:


Once there, you can Pin/Unpin a product by clicking the pin icon at the top right corner of each product card:


Where is my billing and usage information in the new Console?

All billing and usage information has been consolidated under the “Billing” menu item in the upper right of the Console screen.


Where are my subaccounts, account settings, API keys, and compliance information in the new Console?

All of this “account level” information has been moved to the Accounts menu item in the upper right of Console. You can access subaccounts, account settings, API keys and Trust Hub.


You can also access different accounts from the account dropdown, to the right of the Twilio logo in the masthead.


Where is the support page? 

Our Support Center can be found at the bottom of the navigation panel, to the right


What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

If you have troubles finding a given resource trough the new console - do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

How can I provide feedback on the new Console or report bugs?

You can provide any and all feedback through the Feedback button on the right side of the screen on all pages. Please note, this is not a support channel. Feedback submitted here will be reviewed by product teams as input to future changes. If you have urgent needs or need to interact with Support, please visit the Support Center page.

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