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Programmable Fax Migration Guide for J2 eFax

On December 17, 2021, Twilio will be sunsetting support for the Twilio Programmable Fax offering. For users with continuing fax needs, we have partnered with J2 eFax Corporate to help ease the burden of transitioning your workflows.

J2 eFax corporate has generously offered to help onboard Twilio customers personally, without the need for a complex self driven migration. For pricing, migration and account setup ETA estimates, please use this form:

After submitting your request, a J2 representative will contact you with next steps. Please collect the following information, and have it ready to discuss with J2:

  • How many fax numbers will you need service for?
  • How many pages do you expect to send and receive monthly?
  • Will you be porting existing numbers or would you like new eFax numbers?
  • Do you need to meet any regulatory compliance? (HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, FERPA, GLBA,
    SOX, etc)
  • Will you require any additional features such as API, router, domain level send
    (domain whitelisting), TLS encryption or secure web portal fax storage?

Once J2 has received this information from you, they will create a pricing proposal. If accepted, J2 will submit to you a service agreement. When a signed service agreement is received, J2 will schedule onboarding and deployment.

Notice: Phone number porting will vary based on LOAs and timelines set by losing carrier. J2 has a dedicated porting team that will manage the port process post LOA for each client. The following information will be required for any phone number ports:

  • Registered company name and registered company address
  • Account admin contact name, email and phone number
  • Accounts payable contact name, email and phone number

For additional information, please contact, or visit their website at

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