Order a Super SIM

  1. Access the Order SIMs page in Console.
  2. Scroll to and enter the desired quantity of any of the Super SIM types you wish to purchase.
  3. Scroll to and select your shipping address: 
    • Click Select from my Addresses to use an existing address that was previously saved to your Twilio account.
    • Click the plus sign '+' icon to enter a new address for shipping your Super SIMs.
  4. Once your shipping address is set, scroll down and enter your phone number.
  5. Scroll to the Payment Method, and select how you'd like to pay:
    • Credit Card or PayPal: Click Select from my Payment Methods to pay with an existing payment method that was previously saved to your Twilio account, or click the plus sign '+' icon to add a new payment method for this purchase.
    • Twilio Account Balance: Use this option to charge the total price of your ordered Super SIMs to your Twilio account balance.
  6. Click Order.


  • Shipping is free to US addresses (2-day), and $10 to international addresses (4-day).
  • Local taxes may be applied - see our Taxes section for details about taxes in your location.


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