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Getting Started with Super SIM

Twilio's Super SIM is a global cellular platform for connecting IoT devices. A single Super SIM allows your device to stay connected to the top networks, anywhere in the world, using our acclaimed REST APIs. This guide covers the basics for getting up and running with Super SIM. The following topics are discussed:

How can I get a Super SIM?

Super SIMs must be ordered from the Order SIMs page in Twilio Console. Here you can set the quantity and type of SIMs, set your shipping address, and select the desired billing type.

For a walkthrough, see Order a Super SIM.

How can I setup a Super SIM?

Configuring a Super SIM is a multi-step process. Before you can use a Super SIM, users will need to create a Network Access Profile and a Fleet for controlling your SIMs, assign your SIM to the fleet and activate it, set your device's APN, and enable roaming.

For a walkthrough, see Prepare a Super SIM for use.

How can I configure a device for Super SIM?

Devices connecting via a Super SIM need to be configured with the proper APN, and have roaming enabled:

  • Set the APN: Super SIM devices need to use the super APN, with no username or password. For help with AT Commands, iOS or Android devices, see How to Set a Device's APN for Super SIM.
  • Enable Roaming: All Super SIM devices must have roaming enabled - even those that will only be used in the United States. For help with AT Commands, iOS or Android devices, see How to Enable Device Roaming for Super SIM.

How is Super SIM billed?

Twilio Super SIMs have a number of different billing components, including hardware, subscription, and usage costs. This guide gives an overview of how Super SIM pricing works. For full pricing details, see Super SIM Pricing.

How does Super SIM differ from other Twilio Wireless offerings?

While Twilio's Programmable Wireless and Super SIM products may seem similar, there are a number of differences in network support, capabilities, and pricing. For full details, see What is the Difference Between Super SIM and Programmable Wireless.

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