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Can I use my Twilio number with the official WhatsApp mobile/desktop app?

Twilio does not support using Twilio phone numbers on third party messaging applications. Twilio phone numbers are provided for use with Twilio APIs and products such as the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio.

WhatsApp Business API with Twilio vs. WhatsApp Applications

The official WhatsApp application is intended for use by individuals only. The "WhatsApp Business" mobile application is intended for small businesses, for example a 1-person business where the owner responds to customers from their own mobile phone.

The WhatsApp Business API with Twilio is designed for use by businesses at any scale, large or small. With the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio, you can send and receive messages using the Twilio Programmable Messaging API, or a third-party Twilio integration that supports our Programmable Messaging API including our WhatsApp capabilities.

Moving your Twilio Number from the Application to the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio

If your Twilio number was previously registered on the WhatsApp application, you can migrate to the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio by first deleting the WhatsApp application account associated with that number. Please see here for how to delete your WhatsApp account:  

Please note that it is only recommended to migrate your number from the WhatsApp application to the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio if you will be messaging for business purposes. WhatsApp Business API with Twilio is not recommended for personal messaging.

It is not possible to import messaging history from the WhatsApp application into the Twilio console. Be share to backup your own messaging history.

Once the account is deleted, read the guide here for more information on how to get started with the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio: 

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