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Can I increase message throughput (MPS) for an Alphanumeric Sender ID?

Twilio allows users to send up to 10 message segments per second (MPS) by default using Alphanumeric Sender IDs. Users seeing outgoing message queuing, or those preparing to significantly increase sending rates, may be able to increase outgoing message throughput. This guide explains the options available for the different Alphanumeric Sender ID types:

Non-Registered Alphanumeric Sender ID

In countries where Twilio supports Alphanumeric Sender ID usage without a pre-registeration requirement (see here for a full list), Twilio may be able to increase your MPS throughput. Users requesting MPS increases for non-registered Sender IDs must be using a Messaging Service to send messages. If you don’t already have a Messaging Service, create one from the Messaging Services page in Console, and be sure to add your desired Alphanumeric Sender ID to the Sender Pool.

To request an MPS increase for your non-registered Sender ID, please collect the following information, and then submit it in a ticket to the Twilio Support team

  • Your Twilio Account SID
  • Your Messaging Service SID
  • The name of the Alphanumeric Sender ID associated with your Messaging Service
  • The country/countries you plan to send messages to with your Alphanumeric Sender ID
  • An estimate of your expected peak message volumes
  • (Optional) The MPS you want to request. If you aren’t sure, Twilio can help figure out a sensible value based on your expected message volume.

Once we receive your information, our Support team will submit the request to our Product and SuperNetwork teams for investigation. These requests may take 7-10 business days for review and approval. That said, let us know if you are facing an urgent deadline for increased throughput, and we will do our best to help.

Pre-Registered Alphanumeric Sender ID

In countries where we offer pre-registered Sender IDs (see here for a full list), Twilio enables approved IDs as a project-wide setting for your Twilio Account SID. This means we automatically use your pre-registered Sender ID to deliver any messages sent to a country where your ID has been approved, regardless of the From phone number specified in your request.

While the default 10 MPS per phone number limitation applies, you can increase your available message throughput on a pre-registered Alpha Sender ID by using additional Twilio phone numbers to send messages towards the destination country. We recommend adding multiple Twilio numbers to a Messaging Service as the ideal way to accomplish this.

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