Documents Required and Instructions to Register Your Alphanumeric Sender ID in Nigeria


In Nigeria, we support local routing only for networks Celtel, 9mobile, MTN and Globacom. In order to process your banking or corporate alphanumeric sender id registration, we require the following documents:

  • 4 No Objection Certificates (NOCs) each addressing a different operator
  • 1 combined NOC addressing all operators
  • CAC certificate
  • CBN certificate (for banking customers)

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, please fill out the documents completely and accurately and provide any other required information. Please do use the examples provided for guidance. Note that mobile network carriers are very strict about the details! We highly recommend that you download the examples (hit right click, and select 'Save Image As...') and do a side by side comparison when you are filling out the documents.

Complete the NOCs

These NOCs authorize Twilio, Inc., to register and send branded SMS messages on your behalf, and apply to both banking and corporate alphanumeric sender ids. 

  • Sender company’s letterhead
  • Alphanumeric Sender ID requested
  • Sender company’s nature of work/industry (e.g., Information Technology, Retail, Transportation, Consumer Goods)
  • Title and name of Sender’s authorized signatory (e.g., CEO, CFO)
  • Signature of authorized signatory
  • Sender company stamp
  • Sample message template

Note: We strongly recommend that you download the examples below as images and follow them, field by field, when filling out the LOAs.







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