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Important Changes in iOS 14 for Twilio Video P2P Rooms

Due to local network privacy changes introduced on iOS 14 apps that connect to Peer-to-Peer Video Rooms with the Twilio Video iOS SDK may be impacted by this change.

Local Network Privacy Changes

Starting with iOS 14, a permission may be requested if your application uses Peer-to-Peer Video Rooms and attempts to use the local network to connect to another peer. If this occurs the following permission dialog will be shown.


If the permission is declined then your Participant’s connection will fail. Moreover, iOS 14 does not have an API to check whether the user has declined this permission. Subsequent attempts to connect to a Peer-to-Peer Video Room that require the local network will result in a connection failure.

To avoid this permission request from ever surfacing in your application we are releasing an updated version of the Twilio Video iOS SDK that will not attempt to establish connections on your local network by default.


To ensure that your users are never prompted for this permission when using Peer-to-Peer Video Rooms in your application we recommend that you upgrade to Twilio Video iOS 3.7.0+.

Starting with this release Twilio Video will not access the local network on iOS 14 and above. However, if you still want to allow Twilio Video to use the local network in a Peer-to-Peer Room you can set TVILocalNetworkPrivacyPolicy as follows and may result in a permission request.

NOTE: This change is also being backported to Twilio Video iOS 2.X and will be available soon.

Detailed Information

For more detailed information you can follow this issue.

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