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Twilio Connect Limitations

Connect Apps do not allow for the same functionality as a normal account, and may not be suitable for all production deployment use cases. This guide covers known limitations for Connect Apps in the following areas:

For possible workarounds, see the Recommendations section. 


Before Authorizing a Connect App
In order for a customer to authorize your Connect App they must have previously created and upgraded Twilio account.


Phone number limitations

The following limitations around phone numbers apply to all Connect apps:

  • Connect Apps are unable to manage phone numbers, including release them.
  • Connect Apps are incompatible with the Regulatory Compliance API v2.x, which limits their ability to purchase or transfer phone numbers with regulatory requirements, or manage the regulatory documents. For a full breakdown of countries where these requirements exist, see our Phone Number Regulations site.
  • Connect Apps are unable to manage Caller IDs. They are unable to verify numbers, or use verified numbers for outbound caller IDs.

Console logs

To check the logs for the Connect Apps, you need to use the dropdown at the top right corner of the  logs page for Programmable Messaging and Programmable Voice


Create Subaccounts

Connect Apps are unable to create subaccounts.

Create API Keys

Connect Apps are unable to create API Keys.

Trust Hub

Connect apps are incompatible with Trust Hub.


To get the full functionality of a sub-account or project, and provide external access, we recommend using API Keys, as they can be revoked at any time. For full details on issuing and using API Keys, see REST API: API Keys (Twilio Docs).

For additional information on projects and sub-accounts, and where they may be useful, see Getting Started with Twilio Projects and Subaccounts.

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