Worldwide Telephony Network Congestion Update

Carriers around the world are experiencing capacity issues because of increased demand on their networks due to COVID-19. This may result in voice quality issues, busy signals, or other errors on your phone calls.  Twilio continues to monitor the health of the global carrier networks to keep you informed with the latest status.  

This page has our most up to date information on the situation in various countries and can be used to better understand what is happening if you or your customers are experiencing voice reliability issues.

This page is updated daily during the week as we typically do not see congestion problems on weekends.

March 31 - Details per Country

USA - Twilio received additional reports of congestion when calling Twilio numbers from ATT Wireless, and a few reports from Verizon Wireless in the US. Impacted customers either receive a message that the caller or network is busy or the call fails altogether. The issue typically begins at 9am local time, with the worst times being each hour and half hour mark during morning business hours. Twilio carrier partners are working with AT&T wireless and Verizon wireless to report when congestion occurs and work with them to resolve the issue. 

Canada - There were no reported issues with inbound calls to Twilio local phone numbers on Tuesday.  Toll Free numbers continue to have a high occurrence of failed calls due to network congestion on the originating carrier network. Bell Canada is working with multiple carriers to augment in areas where network congestion is being reported.   

 Australia - There were no issues with capacity on Tuesday.  Carriers in Australia have added additional interconnection capacity with Telstra in Sydney and Melbourne to address the congestion issues specific to those regions.  Twilio and our carrier partners will continue to monitor the connections in Australia for any recurrence of congestion.

Germany - The capacity issues in Germany have been generally resolved with the number of calls experiencing packet loss (resulting in lower voice quality) returning to normal levels. Twilio and the carrier partner will continue to monitor the connections in Germany for any recurrence of congestion.

UK - There were no issues with capacity on Tuesday.  A minority of calls on some smaller mobile networks are experiencing slight packet loss issues (1% - 3% loss) but the rate of occurrence is within the levels typically seen in the UK.  Carriers continue to investigate the remaining issues with the local mobile operators and are working to resolve them with the local mobile networks.

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