Can I move my approved WhatsApp Number to Twilio?

In some circumstances, you can move an existing WhatsApp number to Twilio.

If you signed up for WhatsApp using the standard WhatsApp mobile app or the WhatsApp Business App for small businesses, it may be possible to use the same number for WhatsApp on Twilio.

However, if you signed up for WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Business API outside of Twilio (either directly with WhatsApp, or through a different Business Solution Provider), you cannot move that existing WhatsApp Business number to the Twilio platform. This is due to current limitations on moving numbers or transferring ownership of existing business accounts.

Moving an existing WhatsApp number to Twilio to use for WhatsApp

If your number was activated for WhatsApp using one of the WhatsApp mobile apps, and not the Business API, you may be able to use it on Twilio.

There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Host or port the number to Twilio, and then proceed with the standard WhatsApp onboarding process
  2. (If you are eligible) Utilize our "Bring Your Own Number" offering.

For details and eligibility requirements for both of these options, see Can I activate my own phone number for WhatsApp on Twilio?

If these options do not work for you, we recommend buying a Twilio phone number to activate for WhatsApp. Many types of Twilio phone numbers can be enabled for WhatsApp messaging, even if they are not SMS-capable. For more info, see Which Twilio Phone Numbers are Compatible with WhatsApp?

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