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Why does Twilio need to validate my service address for taxes?

Twilio needs to validate your street address if you consume Twilio services in a country or locale that we are required to assess and collect taxes. This guide covers common questions about address validation.

Why is my address needed?

Each jurisdiction may categorize Twilio's products differently, and can have different regulations on what products and services are subject to sales and/or indirect tax. For example, in the US, taxes may be assessed at the State, County and Municipal jurisdictional levels. Alternatively, in Belgium, taxes are the same for any state or city. Since the taxable products and rates vary from place to place, we ask customers to validate their service address in Console. This helps ensure customers are taxed the proper amount.

To see if Twilio collects taxes in your country, please see the Taxes section of our Support Help Center.

Which address is used for tax determination?

As explained in When Does Twilio Charge Taxes, your service address is verified using our third-party tax determination service. If your service address is complete and verified, it is used for tax determination. If your service address is incomplete or cannot be verified, we will default to using your billing address to determine taxes on your usage.

If you do not have a valid service or billing address, we cannot determine taxes for your usage, and an invoice can not be generated for you. Please ensure your address is complete and valid.

Which countries do you enforce address validation?

As of October 2019, a verified street address is required only for US customers. We offer suggested addresses in most other countries, but do not require you to choose the suggested address.

Why am I receiving an address suggestion?

All service addresses entered into Console are validated against a street address database, and may result in suggested corrections. Please choose the suggested address to ensure the address entered matches our database entry, and an invoice with the correct tax rates for your address can be provided.
Console address correction suggestions screen shot. 

What are the changes I should make?

Common suggestions include:

  • Moving information between the Address 1 and Address 2 boxes
  • Removing a suite number or floor information
  • Removing a PO Box and entering a commercial or residential address.

After your edit, remember to click Save to submit your updates. 

What if my address or the suggested address won't validate?

Address validation services are not perfect, and sometimes valid addresses aren’t found or are in the incorrect format. Before we enable address validation, we do extensive testing to ensure we have a high match rate, but it can happen that your valid address isn’t recognized.

If you run into these issues, please try using another address in the same postal code for taxation purposes. If you continue to have issues with validation, or have no alternate addresses that will work for you, please contact our Support team for a one-time exception.

Notice: Please be aware that an exception will render your account non-compliant for tax regulations. We may need to reach back out to you at a later date, and request that you attempt to validate your address again.

Why did I get an email request to update my address?

We run a monthly compliance check of customer addresses in each jurisdiction where we collect and remit taxes. If your address was found to be non-compliant, we will reach out, and ask you to update and validate your address. This helps ensure Twilio can correctly apply taxes.

For help updating your service address, see How do I Update my Billing Settings.

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