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Formatting WhatsApp Message Text

WhatsApp messages sent via Twilio Programmable Messaging allow for some simple text formatting via lightweight markup. When markup is used as described below, WhatsApp users will see the formatting included on messages they receive in the app. This guide explains what text formatting options are available, and gives examples on how to use them.

Outgoing text formatting

To format text in your outgoing WhatsApp message, you'll need to add the usage character(s) listed before and after the section of text you want to format. Please see the below chart for more details.

Styling Usage Input Example Output
Bold * x * We'll see you at *4PM*. txtFormatting_01_200px.png
Italic _ x _ Your driver has been _delayed_ until 6PM. txtFormatting_02_200px.png
Strike-through ~ x ~ We expect to see you at ~4PM~ 6PM. txtFormatting_03_200px.png
Pre-formatted (Code) ``` x ``` Use the ```Message``` API to notify users. txtFormatting_04_200px.png

Incoming text formatting

At this time, Twilio does not display formatted text for incoming messages with markup in Console. Messages will, however, be displayed with the markup character(s) included, as seen in the examples above.

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