How Much Does it Cost to Send and Receive WhatsApp Messages with Twilio?

Effective February 1, 2022, WhatsApp will switch from a notification-based pricing model to a conversation-based pricing model. Business’ will be charged per conversation (user initiated or business initiated) rather than per template/session message. Twilio per message fees will still apply. Details for this change are described by Facebook here:

Currently pricing for WhatsApp messaging with Twilio can vary, depending upon the type of message and destination. This guide covers the different message types we support, and how to find the cost for each.

WhatsApp message types

WhatsApp divides messages into two different types: Template messages and Session messages.

  • Template messages: Outbound messages sent via Twilio that use one of the pre-approved templates. These are generally unsolicited transactional messages (delivery alerts, appointment reminders, etc.) sent to users who have opted in to receive messages from you.
  • Session messages: All incoming messages, or outgoing replies to these messages within 24-hours. A messaging session starts when a user sends your application a message, and lasts for 24 hours from the most recently received message. Session messages do not need to follow a template, and can include media attachments.

Pricing for Template messages

Outbound template messages to WhatsApp destinations have two different components:

  • Twilio charges a flat fee of $0.005 per message for all WhatsApp messaging. This applies to all incoming messages, outbound Template and Session messages.
  • WhatsApp also charges a per-message fee to send outbound Template messages. This fee may vary, depending on the destination country or region. For updated WhatsApp fees, see the List Price Schedule (

The combined Twilio and WhatsApp per-message prices represent your total cost per message. Here are a couple of examples:

Example 1 - A Template message sent to a US WhatsApp user:

Twilio's message fee $0.005
WhatsApp's message fee (Top 24 Market - USA) $0.0085
Total message cost $0.0135

Example 2 - A Template message sent to an Australian WhatsApp user:

Twilio's message fee $0.005
WhatsApp's message fee (Regional - Asia Pacific) $0.0505
Total message cost $0.0555

Pricing for Session messages

Session messages are only charged the Twilio flat fee of $0.005 per message, regardless of direction or destination. WhatsApp does not charge any fees for Session messages; your total message cost for any Session message will only be $0.005.

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