Getting Started with Advanced Opt-Out for Messaging Services

Advanced Opt-Out lets Messaging Services users customize and modify the STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, HELP and more opt-in and opt-out keywords and standard replies for their services. Users can add and remove keywords, languages, and the response text for each Messaging Service. Previously, Twilio automatically replied to all opt-in/out keyword messages with our default responses.

This guide is intended to introduce users to this new product, and walk through some of the features. Continue reading for more information.

How Advanced Opt-Out Works

The new Advanced Opt-Out feature gives users the following options for each Messaging Service:

  • Add additional keywords and languages
  • Remove default keywords
  • Customize your reply messages for keywords

Once your Advanced Opt-Out options are set, these customized opt-out settings will automatically be used in response to any keyword messages received through the short code and long code numbers associated with this Messaging Service.

Notice: Advanced Opt-Out only changes the keyword handling for Twilio numbers in the Messaging Service on which it is configured. Twilio will continue automatically handling standard English-language replies for all opt-in/out keyword messages received on Toll-Free and Long Code phone numbers that are not a member of a Messaging Service. This default opt-out handling is not customizable. For more information on default opt-out responses, see Twilio support for opt-out keywords (SMS STOP filtering).

Setup Advanced Opt-Out

Advanced Opt-Out can be configured from your Twilio project site:

  1. Access the Messaging Services page in Console.
  2. Click the desired Messaging Service
  3. Click the Features tab.
  4. Click Configure under the "Advanced Opt-Out" option.

From here, you can add languages, keywords, modify the automatic responses, and more. For a full tutorial on setting up Advanced Opt-Out, please see Configuring Advanced Opt-Out Keywords (Twilio Docs).

Notice: STOP, START, and HELP keywords can't be removed, as these are required for basic opt-out compliance. You can, however, remove all secondary keywords, such as CANCEL for opt-outs and YES for opt-in messages.

Advanced Opt-Out API

There is currently no API access for managing Advanced Opt-Out configurations. There are also no options for exporting and/or importing configurations. At this time, Advanced Opt-Out is only configurable via Console.

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