Getting Started with Voice Insights (Beta)

Voice Insights gives Twilio customers access to call quality metrics, performance insights, and reporting tools. Insights customers gain access to detailed information about their calls, including the sending and receiving carriers, which side hung up first, post-dial delay (PDD), jitter, packet loss, event tagging for state changes and issue detection, and more. Insights also gives users access to advanced analytics to help identify trends, and diagnose potential issues.

Notice: Voice Insights is currently in beta, and has not yet been finalized. Support requests for beta and pre-release products are generally handled by our engineering team, and as such, response times are not guaranteed. For more information on Support limitations for beta and pre-release products, please see Twilio Beta Product Support.

Enable Voice Insights

Twilio customers can enable Voice Insights from Console. Please note, if you're logged into a sub-account by default, you will first need to exit the subaccount view, and switch to your master account. Once viewing the master account, you can then enable insights on a subaccount as desired.

  1. Access the Voice Insights Settings page in Console.
  2. Select the desired Insights features, and then click Save.
    Enable Voice Insights via the Insights Settings page in Console: Click Voice > Insights > Settings.
    • SDK Insights: Twilio Client v1.3+ (WebRTC) call performance monitoring
    • Voice Insights: SIP and Voice Carrier call performance monitoring

Once enabled, you'll have access to call data and performance metrics for selected call type(s) going forward.

View Insights Data for a Call in Console

  1. Access the Call Logs page in Console.
  2. Click the timestamp for the desired call log.
  3. From the Call Details page, click the desired tab to view Insights data.
    • Insights Summary: View a summary of the call, including details about the phone numbers involved, which side hung up first, post-dial delay (PDD), and the final SIP response code.
    • Metrics: View the average and maximum jitter numbers (for the incoming and outgoing streams), packet loss, and any tagged quality issues.

View Insights Data for a Call via the REST API

Voice Insights data can be requested via HTTP GET requests to the Events, Metrics, and Summary subresources for your call:

  • Events: View any state changes, warning, or other events tagged on a call.
  • Metrics: View call quality analytics, including jitter, packet loss, travel time, and MOS score.
  • Summary: View the combined event log and metrics for a call.

For full details, including a list of properties and code samples, please see Voice Insights: Call Data Resources (Twilio Docs).

Notice: Only Client (SDK) Insights data is available via the REST API at this time. For SIP and Voice Carrier call Insights results, please use Console.

View Insights Reporting

Reporting can be viewed from the Insights Overview page in Console. Here you can see aggregate call data for the enabled call types up to the last 30 days.

For a detailed walkthrough, please see Voice Insights: Connectivity Analytics (Twilio Docs).

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