Does Twilio Charge VAT?

Nonresident entities, such as Twilo are now required by certain foreign taxing authorities to collect Value-Added Tax (VAT) on sales of its services to customers located in the below jurisdictions. This guide covers the countries in the EU and Europe where Twilio charges VAT, and what goods are taxable.

Notice: Twilio services consumption may be subject to state and/or local taxes in a number of areas. To see if Twilio collects taxes in your country, please see the Taxes section of our Support Help Center.

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Value-Added Tax (VAT) Overview

Starting July 1st, 2019, Twilio will begin collecting VAT on the services sold to its international customers located in certain foreign jurisdictions.

Who will be charged VAT?

Any international customer with a business/service address in the list of countries provided below:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

Why am I charged VAT?

Your service address indicates you live in one of the countries we are required to collect and remit VAT for sales to customers located in the EU, Norway, or Switzerland. You can find the full list of countries above. If your service address is not where you consume Twilio’s products, you can update it in Twilio Console.

Twilio is a not a resident of the EU, why are you charging VAT?

Twilio Inc. (“Twilio”) is a non-EU entity selling to customers located in the EU, and has determined that the type of services we sell are subject to EU VAT. In order to comply with the EU VAT laws, Twilio will be imposing VAT on any cloud communication services (i.e. Programmable Messaging, Programmable Voice, etc.) that are subject to EU VAT commencing sales made on July 1, 2019. All B2C customers and B2B customers, that have not provided a valid EU VAT registration will be subject to the EU VAT on their purchases of any applicable Twilio services. The services will be subject to the local VAT rate in the jurisdiction where the customer is located.

How is VAT determined?

VAT is applied based on where the customer consumes Twilio’s products and services. Tax rates will be consistent with what the customers currently pay for relevant goods and services in their country or jurisdiction. The services provided are under the categories of Electronically Supplied Services & Telecommunications. Twilio uses your service address for tax calculation purposes. If your service address is not where you consume Twilio’s products, you can update it in Twilio Console.

What Rate is VAT Charged?

Twilio's services will be subject to the local VAT rate in the jurisdiction where the customer is located.

For example, a customer in France would be charged the French VAT standard rate of 20% for all taxable sales. If this customer spends $100 with Twilio, they would be charged an additional $20 for VAT, for a total of $120. 

  Total taxable sales: $100
   + French VAT (20%):  $20
Total including taxes: $120

Examples of taxable Twilio products and services include the following:

  • Outbound or Inbound SMS (e.g. UNITED KINGDOM Outbound SMS - Orange)
  • Voice calls (e.g. Programmable Outbound Minute - Bulgaria)
  • Flex (e.g. Flex - Active User Hours)
  • Whatsapp (e.g. WhatsApp Outbound Template Message - Armenia)
  • Enterprise plan (e.g. Twilio Custom SaaS Monthly Fee)

Billing adjustments may also have tax implications:

  • Credits applied against specific usage will refund you taxes at the same rate as the respective product (e.g. Credit - Voice US Outbound)
  • Promotional balances are not taxable (e.g. Promo -
  • Minimum spend adjustments are taxed at the same rate as the respective product (e.g. Quarterly Min Spend Adjustment - Voice)

How can I be Tax Exempt for VAT?

Twilio is only required to impose VAT on Business to Customer (“B2C”) transactions. Business to Business (“B2B”) customers are tax exempt with a valid VAT number. B2B transactions are subject to self-assessment (reverse charge).

Question: I am a business, but do not have a VAT number. I am not required to register for VAT since my business falls under the required sales threshold for registering.

Answer: The VAT laws for nonresidents are designed to capture VAT from B2C consumers, and from B2B consumers that fall under the sales threshold. Unless a B2B customer can provide a valid VAT number, they will be taxed as a B2C. Nonresidents are not required to tax B2B customers with valid VAT numbers, since B2B customers are supposed to self-assess the VAT on their end.

Notice: For customers located in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and Ireland customers contracted with Twilio Ireland, we are required to apply VAT for both B2B and B2C customers.

If you are a VAT registered B2B customer, please add your VAT number in Twilio Console to be issued a valid tax invoice, and for self-assessment (reverse charge) before the current month’s end to prevent taxation.

How do I enter my VAT number?

You can enter your service address and VAT number on the Billing Preferences page in Console. The specific field may be called Business Tax ID or VAT number, depending on the country selected.

For more details, see How do I Update my Billing Settings.

I entered a VAT number in my Twilio Console. Why am I getting charged VAT?

Your VAT number may be invalid. Please double check to see if you have input the correct VAT registration number with the standard formatting for your country.

Do I need to provide a resale certificate to be tax exempt?

No, you don't need to provide a resale certificate, but you will need to enter a valid VAT number in the Twilio console to be considered tax exempt. All EU customers that have not provided a valid EU VAT registration number will be subject to the EU VAT on their purchases of any applicable Twilio services.

I forgot to enter my VAT number, but should be tax exempt. Can I get a refund for this month’s VAT?

It may be possible to receive a refund if requested within 90 days, depending on your location:

  • If you are a B2B customer with a valid VAT registration number in the EU or Norway, please contact our Support team for a refund or credit for the VAT amount charged.
  • If you are a B2B customer in Switzerland, Twilio is unable to issue a refund or credit for VAT, as non-residents are obligated to collect VAT from ALL customers (B2B and B2C). That said, B2B Swiss customers are entitled to reclaim the VAT charged upon receipt of a valid Swiss VAT invoice from Twilio under the Swiss VAT recovery rules.

What is the Reverse Charge Mechanism?

The Reverse Charge Mechanism is the process in which B2B customers are required to report VAT charges. For more details, see What is the "Reverse Charge mechanism".

Where do I see VAT amount on my invoice?

VAT for the previous month is assessed on the first day of the following month. For example, you will be charged VAT for your July usage in August.

You can see the VAT amount charged in the Usage Summary or Usage Details sections of your invoice. Your invoice will continue to show usage and taxes in the same currency as before.

Example Usage Summary

Example Usage Details

For additional help understanding an invoice, please see Reading your Twilio Invoice.

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