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Resetting a Wireless SIM's Network Connection

In the event of intermittent connection issues, resetting the network connection for a Twilio Wireless SIM may help resolve some connectivity issues. This action purges the SIM's record from Twilio's Home Location Register (HLR), forcing the SIM to re-attach to the network.

Notice: Resetting a SIM's network connection is not guaranteed to work. We perform a best effort reset attempt, but this reset may not successfully make it to the device.

The network connection for a SIM can be reset in two ways:

Reset a SIM's Network Connection via Console

  1. Access the Wireless SIMs page in Console.
  2. Click the desired SIM.
  3. Click the Connectivity tab.
  4. Click Reset.

Reset a SIM's Network Connection via the REST API

To reset your SIM's network connection, you'll need to make an HTTP POST request to Twilio’s SIM Instance API resource that updates the ResetStatus parameter to resetting. Here’s an example cURL script:

curl -X POST \
--data-urlencode "ResetStatus=resetting" \

This example sends a network reset signal to your wireless SIM SID called out in the address - DEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

To make this script work for you, make the following updates, and then paste it into a terminal window:

For full details, and code samples from our Helper Libraries, please see REST API: Sims (Twilio Docs).

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