Impact Access Program Credits

Twilio offers a $500 USD equivalent in kickstart credit for our services to eligible social impact organizations via the Impact Access Program. Continue reading for information on eligibility, credit, and billing.

How do I become eligible to receive credits from the Impact Access Program? Impact Access program: We invite nonprofits and social impact organizations  committed to creating positive change to sign up for the Impact Access program. For full details, please see the eligibility guidelines.

How do credits work in these programs?

Twilio will allow your account to run a negative balance and ‘true up’ your account each month to cover the cost of your usage, up to the amount of your credit. We will keep track of your credits separately from your regular account balance. Once a month, typically on the 1st, Twilio will credit your account balance based on your usage in the previous month. For Example, if you used $25 worth of Twilio services last month, you'll get $25 worth of credits in your account on the 1st of the following month. So effectively, you wouldn’t need to pay Twilio for that month's services (given you have enough credits left to cover the charges incurred).

An active auto-recharge payment method such as a credit card or PayPal account is required to remain eligible in the credit programs. Adding an auto-recharge payment method ensures uninterrupted service after your credits are consumed. For help with this process, see How do I set an automatic payment recharge trigger.

How can I see how much credit is left in my account?

You will be able to review your credit information in the Console Billing Overview page:

  • Gifted credits remaining: This is how much credit is left that can be applied towards your current balance.
  • Balance: This is your account balance that keeps track of your usage, payments and any applied credits. It is possible for your balance to go negative during the month as you accrue usage before credits are applied in the following month.
  • Balance with credits: This is the sum of your current balance and remaining gifted credits. A positive balance with credit indicates the amount of credit that you still have remaining.

Your auto-payment will begin to be charged when your Balance with credits reaches $0 or your Balance reaches $-500. If your auto-payment fails and your account balance reaches $-505, you’ll be notified to add a valid payment method. If your account balance reaches $-510, your account will be suspended until you’ve added a valid auto-payment method.

You can also see additional information about your credits by hovering over the tooltip icon next to the amount for Gifted credits remaining:

  • Credited period: This is the period during which your credits are in effect. If no end month is specified, it means your credits do not expire.
  • Credit last applied: This is the latest month for which credits have been applied from the Gifted credits remaining to your Balance.
  • Original gifted credit: This is the initial amount of credit that is gifted to you.

Why is an auto-recharge payment method required? Can I change which card to use?

We require an active payment method such as a credit card or PayPal account for auto-recharge to ensure uninterrupted service after your credits are consumed. Your auto-recharge payment method is also used to pay for your Twilio support plan or short code lease, if applicable.

Once an auto-recharge is configured, credit recipients will be unable to disable this. You can, however, add a payment method, and specify your project to use this method going forward. Here’s how to make this change:

  1. Access the Billing page in Console.
  2. Click Configure Auto-Recharge.
  3. In the “Payment Method” field, click Change.
  4. Select the desired payment method, and then click Select Method.

Will my credits ever expire? Impact Access program credits do not expire. 

What happens when I consume my credits?

Once your credit balance hits zero, you'll receive an email notification and Twilio will begin to use your auto-recharge payment method to maintain service going forward.

The default auto-recharge settings will be enabled in the month following credit exhaustion. Your Twilio project balance will be automatically refilled up to $20 any time your balance drops below $10. For example, if your balance reached $8.50, we would bill your saved payment method $11.50 to bring your project balance back to $20.  If payment fails and your balance reaches $0, your account may be suspended.For help configuring auto-recharge on your Twilio project, see How do I set an automatic payment recharge trigger.

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