A2P 10DLC Campaign Vetting Delays: We are experiencing delays while vetting 10DLC campaigns. Our third party is reviewing campaigns manually, and due to the high volume of requests, a queue has built up. Campaign reviews are expected to take longer. Twilio is working with the provider to help expedite this process. New details will be shared in our incident report as soon they become available.

View and Revert Back to Studio Flow Revisions

Twilio Studio has a version history available for all flows that can be viewed or reverted back to at any time. This can be a good troubleshooting step to return to a previously known working revision, like the initial version of your Messaging Flow for Flex. Here are the steps for viewing and reverting to previous versions of a Studio Flow:

  1. Access the Studio Dashboard page in Console.
  2. Click the desired Studio Flow.
    NOTE: If your flow is not listed, you may first need to click View All Flows.
  3. Click Revision History.
    NOTE: The current revision number will be posted at the top of the Studio Canvas.
  4. Click any revision number to view that version of your Studio flow.
  5. Your old revision will be displayed.
    NOTE: Click Revert to this Revision to re-publish your flow to match this old revision.
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