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Getting Started with Twilio Assets

Twilio Assets allows you to upload static files for use with your Twilio project. Instead of managing files on your own servers, take advantage of Twilio’s low-latency hosting for common files like a voicemail greeting audio recording, an company logo for MMS messages, Flex plugins, and more. Read on for more information.

New: Console vs API

Twilio's Serverless API includes a new version of Assets that is currently API-only. Files uploaded via the Serverless API are not visible in Console, and conversely, files uploaded via Console are not visisble in the Serverless API.

For full details of the new Serverless API, see Functions & Assets (API-only).

Console Asset Types

Console Assets can either be Public or Private:

Public assets:

  • Are available over the internet to anyone with the URL.
  • Can be up to 5MB in size for each file.
  • Allow storage for up to 500 files or 100MB in total.

Private assets:

  • Are not available for public access.
  • Are packaged with a Function.
  • Allow storage for up to 10 files or 5MB in total.

Manage Console Assets

Console Assets files can be managed from the Assets page in Console:

  • Upload a file: Click the red plus + sign button to add your file, or drag it into the browser window.
  • View a file: The file's URL will be displayed on the Assets page under the PATH heading using the following format:
    This URL can be used anywhere you want to call this file: a Twilio Functions script, a Twilio API request, a TwiML response, etc.
  • Delete a file: Assets you no longer need can be removed at any time by clicking the garbage can icon.

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