Firefox 63+ Incompatibility with Older Mobile Video SDKs

Firefox 63 introduced a new SDP format for data channel negotiation. This new SDP format has caused incompatibility with Android and iOS Video SDK 1.x and 2.x when used with P2P Rooms.

What is the Impact?

In a P2P room, mobile participants using an affected mobile SDK version will not receive any media or data tracks published by participants using Firefox 63 or later.

Is my App Impacted?

The following table shows the impacted mobile SDK versions and the recommended upgrade path:

Twilio SDK Affected versions Recommended upgrade path
Android SDK 1.x - 2.x 3.0.0 or later
iOS SDK 1.0.0 - 2.2.2 2.3.0 or later

How to Upgrade Impacted Apps

If your app is built using an impacted version of the Mobile Video SDK, please refer to the following migration guides for help upgrading:

Additional Resources

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