Getting Started with Twilio for Salesforce (Preview)

Twilio for Salesforce brings the power of Twilio's class-leading Programmable SMS APIs to Salesforce users everywhere. Using our managed package, Salesforce customers can perform a number messaging tasks:

  • Customize SMS messages from Process Builder
  • Create SMS messaging campaigns for your leads and contacts
  • Hold an SMS message conversation from a contact's Salesforce record page
  • Access the Twilio REST API using an Apex library

This is only a preview of the Twilio for Salesforce integration; more features are in the works, and will be announced in the future.

Notice: Twilio for Salesforce is currently in a pre-beta preview, and has not yet been finalized. Support requests for pre-release products are generally handled by our engineering team, and as such, response times are not guaranteed. For more information on Support limitations for beta and pre-beta products, please see our article Twilio Beta Product Support.

How to Get Started

Users interested in early access can sign up for the Twilio for Salesforce preview. Once access is granted, get help installing and setting up the preview at Twilio for Salesforce (Twilio Docs).

Salesforce Helper Library (Discontinued)

Our older Salesforce Helper Library is being replaced by the new Twilio for Salesforce managed package, and is no longer being actively maintained. For full details, please see The Twilio Salesforce Helper Library (Twilio Docs).

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