Calling Limitations to China

Due to strict spam monitoring and regulations on communications terminating to China, high volume calls with the same caller ID and short durations (under 2 minutes) have a high chance of being blocked. This is a universal behavior for all international traffic terminating to China and is not something unique to Twilio’s platform.

To remain compliant with these regulations, access to China has been removed from the Geo-Permissions page. Going forward, enabling calls to China will require vetting before access is granted.

New Chinese Calling Guidelines

If you need to regularly call Chinese phone numbers, the following guidelines will be enforced going forward:

  • Use only valid international From numbers as Caller IDs.
  • Calls to China using a Chinese Caller ID are prohibited.
  • Calls must be no shorter than 2 minutes in duration on average. If you have a use case that demonstrates the short call-duration behavior (voice OTP, alert notification and etc), we recommend you use alternative contact options shown below.
  • Minimize the number of outgoing calls to China from each phone number.

Notice: Callers not adhering to these rules may be at risk of blocking without notice. Spam monitoring in China happens downstream from Twilio, and Twilio has no control over this process. Call delivery to China will be made on a best-effort basis.

Enabling Voice Calls to China

Customers who wish to place calls to China will need to submit the following information to be reviewed:

  • Account SID
  • Company name
  • Company website
  • Why do you want to call phone numbers in China?
  • Average call duration
  • Estimated call volume / frequency

Once you have collected this information, please contact Support.

Chinese SMS Whitelisting

Some shorter contact use cases, including OTP and alerts, are incompatible with these new regulations. Customers with these use cases will want to whitelist SMS templates. For more details, please see China SMS Template Whitelisting.

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