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How do Twilio Studio Flows Relate to Twilio Phone Numbers?

Twilio Studio flows offer a number of easy setup options for Twilio customers. They can be used in conjunction with Twilio phone numbers to handle incoming communications, or used completely independently from phone numbers. Continue reading for more information and examples.

Twilio Flows for Handling Incoming Calls and Messages

Twilio Studio flows can be built and used to automatically respond to incoming SMS messages or to answer incoming calls. For this use case, the Twilio phone number will need to be configured to handle incoming communications with the desired Twilio Studio flow. For help configuring your phone numbers to use a Twilio Studio flow for handling incoming voice calls or messages, please see Handle incoming Voice Calls and SMS Messages with a Studio Flow.

One Flow to Many Twilio Numbers

Twilio Studio's flexibility means you can have multiple Twilio numbers that all use the same flow SID for voice or messaging. For example, if you have multiple local phone numbers in each city, region, or state you operate, each phone number could route to the same Studio flow SID to make the experience for your customers seamless.

Flow Only - No Configured Numbers Required

Twilio Studio flows can also be used for outbound communications, without needing to be configured on a phone number. All you need to do is create and publish your flow, and then trigger it via an API Request.

This method will still require a Twilio phone number or verified phone number to be used as the From number (sender) for your outbound communications, but no additional phone number configuration is required. For more information, please see Trigger a Twilio Studio Flow Execution via the REST API.

Endless Possibilities

When used in conjunction with other Twilio products like Functions or Task Router, Twilio Studio flows have give you even more flexibility. Some possible ideas include:

  • You could use a Function to control what to do depending on the days of the week, the time of day, etc., and then route to different Studio Flows accordingly.
  • You could use TaskRouter and Studio combined to have expressions from your workflows in TaskRouter brought into your Studio layout.

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