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Missing Programmable Voice Recordings

If you have recorded a Twilio Voice call, but the recording file is missing or inaccessible, there could be a number of causes. Please read on for more information.

Check the Status of a Recording

First check the call recording file’s status to see what happened:

Check Recordings via Console

  1. Login to your project at
  2. Click Programmable Voice.
  3. Navigate to and select the desired recordings -
    1. From Calls logs: Click Calls, select the desired call, and then click the Recording SID.
    2. From Recordings logs: Click Recordings, and then click the desired recording.
  4. The Recording Details page will be displayed along with the recording file’s status.

Check Recordings via the REST API

Make an HTTP GET request to the Recordings resource. The response will contain the status property.


Absent Status

If your Recording SID has the status absent, this means there is no recording file available for this call. Recordings with the Absent status indicate one of two possible issues:

  • The call recording was too short to be processed.
  • The call recording was silent, and your account is set to automatically delete silent recordings (If you wish to change this option, please Contact Support).

Either of these issues would also result in an Error code visible as a property returned in the API Resource response:

We recommend using Recording Status Callbacks in the future to be notified of any absent call recordings.

Processing Status

If your Recording SID has the status processing, this means post-processing of the recording file is likely still ongoing. You should retry fetching the recording file again after a few minutes. We also recommend using Recording Status Callbacks in the future to be notified when your recording file is available.

Notice: If the status of the recording is still processing more than 10 minutes after the call has ended, it is likely stuck in this state due to a call failure, the call being too short, or another internal system failure. The recording file for this call will not be accessible.

Missing or Unavailable Recording SID

If you are unable to see a Recording SID for your call, or your Recording SID can’t be accessed, there may have been an issue along the way. For assistance, please Contact Support.

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